What is a Kaarli?

What is a Kaarli?

Kaarli (cul- lee) Hunting Boomerang.

Throughout Australia, Aboriginal people have their own unique names, for their own unique boomerangs (Kaarli). These are just some of the many styles from the Yawurru people in the North West of Australia.

Kaarli’s are traditionally used by Indigenous people and have been for thousands of years. The Kaarli has many purposes and is used to hunt small game such as birds and goannas, an invaluable instrument during ceremony and as a weapon in

tribal lore.

Our products are handcrafted from Jarrah and Rasberry Jam aka Mungart in Noongar language, found in the South West. The Origins of Kaarli (the business) from the  North West of Australia, Kaarli’s are traditionally made with hardwoods from the Jigal tree or Yrrgirli (irrd-garli) tree.

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