Fly Straight, Hit Targets

Fly Straight, Hit Targets

Kaarli is a 100% Aboriginal family owned and operated business. To us Kaarli is our future, to assist retirement for our parents, it is the financial support to give our kids a good education. It is also a brand/platform to represent Aboriginal excellence, to share our learnings of leadership and business to the wider community.


Kaarli began as an idea to pursue business after I completed a 12-week business program. Starting a business was not a something that I had interest in or understanding of before the program, this reminds me of something I heard ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’, a factor that we see in our communities.

Most of us weren’t raised with the privilege of having someone in our family running a business and showing us the ropes at a young age. For most Indigenous people, we are now learning the entrepreneurial skills and slowly but surely are starting to build our own legacy’s and sharing the knowledge with next generation.


In my other life, I am a supervisor/ coordinator in one of the big mining companies in Australia. I have been given the opportunity to complete leadership courses, which opened my world view, to change my mindset and explore my potential, and possibilities of what life can be when we invest in the right areas of our lives.

While on site I strive to read one book a week, about the human mind, people’s journey to success and personal growth books. This has guided me on the path to understand myself, how my brain works and what makes other people tick. As a leader I have been lucky, to be able to use these skills that I have attained through the books that I have read and witness them being used in the real world. 


I want to share some basic mindset transforming seeds, that have helped me grow, and that have worked for me in all aspects of my life, from business to my full-time job to working out in the gym etc.

Sometimes we are overloaded with too much information and our brains are not ready to absorb. I want to share base level skills that will set you off to start questioning the world around you for yourself, find your passion or your purpose and have the basic tools to start exploring the endless possibilities.


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By Samuel Edgar

Kaarli founder 

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