Aboriginal Neck Ties

Why not match your tie with the socks on your feet. Represent in these deadly designs around you neck, at the office or at your next formal event.

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  • We support Aboriginal Artists!!

    If you are up and coming Indigenous artist we would love to hear from you. We want to be able to use our, 100% Indigenous platform, to showcase Indigenous Artist and entrepreneurs talents to the world.

  • We are local to Western Australia!!

    We are local West Australians from Yawurru and Karrajarri country in the North West of Australia, to the Minang and Wadjeri people of the Noongar nation, in the South West and evrywhere in between.

  • 100% Aboriginal owned and operated business!!

    Operating since 2022 we have grown from strength to strength. As an Indigenous business we are proud to be able to aquire education in business with hopes of sharing our learnings to the next generation.


Combining our Traditional Culture with contemporary designs, to create our unique style.

  • Ngardang wer mandja- Hunt and Gather

  • Maambakoort barna- ocean animals

  • Mandja (gathering)

  • Bandang dandjoo- all together

  • Kooboolong winin- a frogs life

  • Noorn Blayoongar-ak (snake on the sand)

  • Wagyl

    Wagyl is the Noongar name for Rainbow Serpent. The Wagyl is part of Noongar peoples Creation story.

  • Kaarda

    Kaarda is the Noongar name for the Racehorse Goanna or Gould’s Monitor Lizard.

  • Yongka

    Yongka is the Noongar name for Kangaroo. Yongka were eatten in the coldest months during Makuru and their fur was used for clothing and bags.

  • Booyi

    Booyi is the Noongar name for the south western snake-necked turtle, also known as the oblong or long necked turtle.

  • Moort Nyininy

    Moort Nyininy means Family Sitting in Noongar Language., it depicts people seated at a specific site, camp or meeting place.

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