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Yongka (Kangaroo) Aboriginal Tie

Yongka (Kangaroo) Aboriginal Tie

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Step into the boardroom with a distinct sense of style and cultural appreciation with our ties adorned with Indigenous designs.

Perfect for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous professionals, these ties offer a unique way to incorporate Australia's rich Indigenous heritage into your business attire.

Ideal for gifting, they not only elevate your wardrobe but also serve as a meaningful symbol of support for Indigenous art and businesses, allowing you to wear your values on your sleeve and inspire conversations around cultural diversity and respect.

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Noongar Inspired Designs

Art by Thomas Betts

These designs have been inspired by the animals and gathering places from the South West in Noongar country. Kaarda, the Racehorse Goanna or Gould’s Monitor Lizard. Yongka, the Kangaroo, were eaten in the coldest months during Makuru and their fur was used for clothing and bags. Booyi, the south western snake-necked turtle, also known as the oblong or long necked turtle. Wagyl, the Rainbow Serpent, is part of Noongar peoples creation story and Moort Nyininy, means Family Sitting in Noongar Language. This is one of the most iconic Aboriginal motifs, it depicts people seated at a specific site, camp or meeting place.



145cm x 8cm




Washing Guidance


Silk ties should never be washed in, or exposed to, water. Silk ties should be dry cleaned. We recommend that you use a specialist dry cleaner, particularly when the tie has a stain that needs to be removed.